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Tiny Folk Co.

Jurassic Terrarium


Create an adorable little terrarium right at your desk with this sweet mini kit! 


It comes with a tear shaped container, plus the pebbles, fake grass mound and fake plants to set it up. Then you can complete the piece with the tiny purple brontosaurus!


That''s right folks, this is a Jurassic Terrarium! There's a 32-page mini book with instructions to put it together and a bunch of history and fun facts for you to learn. 


It's a unique & fun Kris Kringle gift for dinosaur and plant lovers! 



  • Create your own little dinosaur colony at your desk!
  • Includes a tiny purple brontosaurus
  • Great gift for wannabe green thumbs 


  • Inclusions: 7.6cm plastic teardrop container with hook, 2.5cm brontosaurus figurine, plastic plant, grass mound, pebbles,32 page illustrated mini book