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Hand Carved Wooden Stamps 2 Pack (assorted)

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Our artisans have created these fabulous animal, plant and geometric hand-carved jamun wood print blocks.

Set up the kids at with play dough, kinetic sand or finger paints and have them create cards, posters or impress designs on their old t-shirts. 

Follow the print techniques of a thousand years and create your own textiles, wallpapers, or paper art using acrylics, oil paints or fabric paints. Use them to impress clay or wax.

Note: Our Fair Trade partners are using a new type of wood, Jamun Wood, for these blocks. They are lighter but also slightly larger than the previous blocks and sustainably sourced. The previous Indian Rosewood has become unavailable as they have been put on a restricted list in order to renew stock supplies.

Assorted sizes & we will select x2 random selections..
H=5-8; W=3-5; Depth=3cm
Fair Trade India