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Fringe Studio

Fringe Studio - Canvas Dog Poop Waste Bag Dispenser with Keychain - Loose Dog Line


As small and discreet as a coin purse, the Fringe Studio’s dog poop waste bag holder is a compact poop bag holder with an attached metal clip that can be secured on your bag or your pet’s lead. This decorative pet waste bag holder features a metal clip and zip opening for easy refill closure to secure the roll inside and make it easier for you to refill later. You’ll receive a free 15-count roll of waste bags with this pouch!


  • Small and compact pet waste bag holder featuring a designer print
  • Attaches easily to pet bag or pet lead for convenient clean-up anywhere, anytime
  • Comes with a free roll of poop bags (15 total) - bags pull out effortlessly
  • Can be refilled with 2 standard-sized rolls for future use
  • All over printed cotton canvas with metal clip and zip opening for easy refill

Design: Loose Dog Line

Dimensions: Approximately 5cm x 8cm