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Calf & Crew

Calf & Crew: Silicone Cloud Placemat - Assorted Colours


Calf Grey

Our placemats make cleaning up after a feed that little bit easier. 

Just chuck it on the dining table or bench under a bowl or plate and it will catch all your littles ones crumbs and scraps. All you need to do is gently remove from the surface, throw out chunks of food on the mat and then rinse under warm water with soap & it's ready to go again!

They are made from BPA free, 100% food grade silicone and are soft enough to roll up and take with you where ever you go. It makes eating out more hygienic and will mean less food wastage - perfect right!?

Available in three colours - Calf grey, Blush pink & White. 

Dimensions | W - 47.5cm / H - 27cm